Orbea Occam H20-Eagle 2021

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Your buddies are preparing inside for hot bike adventures when you invite them on a "quiet tour"? Do your favourite rounds always take you along paths that you can't find on any map? Your tours start with the first rays of sunshine and end with a beer after sunset? Your bike has to go through everything and always be a faithful companion? Are you exactly the type of mountain biker we're talking about? Then the Orbea Occam is the perfect bike for you!

Modern trailbikes are used for impressively versatile rides. Some riders climb climbs that are thousands of feet long, while others take one lap at a time in a bike park with an infinite number of jumps.
The Occam is available with a 140mm Fox 34 or a 150mm Fox 36, so you can ride as you please.

Means a flatter steering head angle, which provides more stability. The low crank gives you more natural cornering and the longer cockpit gives you more freedom of movement and balance. The Occam's longer wheelbase gives you more stability at high speeds and the higher saddle angle gives you a more appropriate pedalling position.

Asymmetric - TEMPERATE
The right-hand support strengthens and stiffens an area subject to high stress. Instead of using a less effective "shock tunnel", the structure of the Occam diverts the impact to the left side of the frame, allowing the asymmetric support to take a more direct path. This straight line, which follows the shock absorber structure, is the most effective way to neutralize the suspension forces in the front triangle.

The asymmetrical offset design offers unique advantages that go beyond stiffness and weight savings. The shock absorber is mounted in such a way that its settings are surprisingly easy to reach and the small dimensions leave enough space for an easily accessible water bottle.

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