Mavic Cosmic Pro Carbon UST Disc CL Pair

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  • The Cosmic Pro Carbon has traditionally been favored primarily for fast, flat races, but recent improvements have boosted this wheel's versatility.
  • Now it delivers incredible all-rounder performance at a price that can't be beat. Engineered with Mavic UST technology, the Cosmic Pro Carbon UST offers all the benefits of tubeless, including less rolling resistance, a smoother ride quality and a reduced risk of flats.
  • The rims are made using Mavic's iTgMax process, which not only minimizes weight, but also improves braking performance and reliability, especially on long, steep descents.
  • The 40mm deep rims are NACA compliant for low drag and excellent crosswind stability, and their lighter weight results in reduced inertia for explosive acceleration and climbing efficiency.
  • The Cosmic Pro Carbon UST is completed with 25mm Yksion Pro UST tires for maximum rolling efficiency, grip and a smooth, comfortable ride.

Lightweight, aero and efficient.

  • 40mm NACA-inspired rim shape minimizes drag for added speed.
  • Reduced inertia of the lightweight rim delivers instant acceleration.
  • Mavic Road Tubeless UST improves rolling efficiency

Versatile performance for all road riding conditions.

  • Minimal drag, low inertia and high lateral stiffness makes it fast and efficient on all types terrain, from the flats to mountain climbs.

Better tire grip and control with reduced risk of flats.

  • Best-in-class tire grip thanks to UST and 11Storm compound.
  • High flat protection thanks to UST and easy on-the-road tire repair.


  • UST tubeless ready.
  • Sealed QRM cartridge bearings.
  • Front wheel with 18 bladed steel spokes laced radially.
  • Rear wheel with 20 bladed steel spokes laced 2X on drive side and radially on non-drive side.
  • FTS-L freehub body.
  • Max rider + bike weight - 120kg.
  • For tyres from 25 to 32mm.
  • Compatible with UST tyres and normal clincher tyres.
  • 40mm deep 3K carbon rim.
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