BMC Teamelite 01 One 2020

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“Being driven is not a bad thing. Some people see me as a lone wolf when it comes to riding, but sometimes I need to put myself first,” explains Bettina. Running a successful start-up means that she’s constantly reacting to the demands of work, a high-paced lifestyle that’s balanced by time spent on the bike.“Riding is a consistent element of my life, one thing I’m in full control of,” she admits. There are times, explains Bettina, when she agonizes over telling her husband and friends she wants to ride alone, preferring to hear her own breath and the crunch of her tires as the soundtrack. She pauses, gesturing at the forest through the window: “I need that release, that focus and ability to test myself against my best lap times. I’d call the Teamelite my personal guru, which keeps me motivated,” Bettina concludes.


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